April 28, 2015

Today is the Day!

...that I melt all of your hearts with pictures of our new puppy.

Meet Kimber:

Kimber is the sweetest, most adorable puppy ever born. I mean it.  I didn't want to come to work today because I wanted to hang out with her all day!  Her introduction to Gunner went very well - almost too well - it was crazy. Gunner really surprised us and has been wonderful with her.  He gives her a warning now and again, but that is to be expected. I am very hopeful they will be best buds in no time.  We are already seeing how much more occupied Gunner is now that she's in the house and that's what we were hoping for. He really did need a friend :)

This picture was taken just 24 hours after bringing Kimber home:

That's what I call winning!

It may just break my heart to leave them this weekend for Girls Weekend 2015. I will probably miss the dogs more than the people in my house ... just keeping it real ... teenagers are "fun".  I am ready for the break, a recharge, and lots of fruity, strong drinks with great friends.

I will try not to turn this blog into a dog blog but it's going to be hard - she's just so damn cute!!

April 20, 2015

I am Not Responsible...

if the following pictures make you want a puppy... because oh my god, it was hard to not take them all home!

We bring home our new puppy this Saturday.

The Great Name Debate of 2015 has been "fun" ... I think we've been on every dog name and baby name directory on the internet. If only I were kidding.  We have decided on a name but I won't reveal it until it's set in stone.

As you can see by the pictures, the puppy will be a black german shepherd.

I'm already mentally preparing for a weekend of no sleep. It's all good though and will be worth it in the end.

April 17, 2015

The Birthday Boy!

This handsome guys turns 3 years old today.  Like with kids, time sure does fly.  It seems like he was just a "tiny" puppy!

For his birthday, he's getting a gift too ... a baby sister to play with!

Yes, we're crazy.

Yes, another German Shepherd.

Yes, that means double the shedding.

Stay tuned!

April 10, 2015

3+ Weeks and Counting

I haven't had a Diet Coke in over three weeks. I feel like I deserve some kind of medal because it hasn't been easy to resist, especially when I walk into Wawa and know a fountain soda can be mine in a matter of seconds.

The first week was rough. I had a terrible, awful, pounding headache every morning for a week. I'm here to tell you Diet Coke withdrawal is real, people.

But I'm doing this. No more diet coke!

If I'm tempted, I just need to remind myself about the awful headaches ...

April 9, 2015

Easter Yummies

I made two desserts for Easter Sunday. I wanted something that reminded us of spring and summer because the weather has been very uncooperative as of late ... it's still cold and rain seems to come just about every other day.

Enter this delicious Strawberry Trifle.  A trifle dessert is very forgiving and there are a million ways to put one together. I went back and forth on whether to whip up some fresh whipped cream but ultimately decided against it because I wasn't sure how well it would hold up since I was assembling this about 10 hours before it would be served. So yes, I used Cool Whip. People seem to love it or hate it - I happen to love it - so I happily used it as part of this dessert.  I also used a white cake baked in 2 8-inch round pans, 2 boxes of french vanilla instant pudding, and 2 containers of fresh strawberries, washed and sliced.

I simply plopped 1 cake layer in at a time. You can certainly cube the cake if you prefer but honestly, it layers better by plopping the entire thing in there, as you can see.  This was a perfect "light" dessert. Everyone loved it!

Because my heart belongs to chocolate, I had to have a dessert with chocolate in it.  I found these Mint Ice Cream Cookie Cups on Pinterest and followed the recipe exactly. You can view the recipe here:



It was a like a mini ice cream cake all to myself!  Delicious!!  I used Mint Oreos as my cookie base, FYI. They worked out perfectly.  What I liked most about this idea was that I assembled them 4 days in advance and they were already portion sized - no cutting or scooping. You could very easily change up the flavors to suit your tastes too.  You could even leave off the top layer of chocolate!  


April 8, 2015

Easter Table

Family dinners in our home are pretty informal. I love my house but I don't have a place to set up a big family dinner table. My house is "open" but it isn't all at the same time (if that makes any sense!)  I think that's the only thing that's missing from our family gatherings - a more formal place to eat and interact.

But I do have fun setting up a little theme for each dinner that we do have. Pinterest is a great help for that!

My apologies for the dark pictures ... I should have edited the pictures a little better but you get the idea.  Easter is my excuse to bring some pink into my home! I loved the bunny dip platter. I was perfect for the occasion and very simple to put together. And you can't go wrong with chocolate dipped peeps with added mini marshmallow tails.

A dessert post to follow!

April 7, 2015

Reliving the Early 90's

Do you know that feeling that you've forgotten something but can't figure out what it is? That was me this morning. I was half way through my morning commute when I figure out what it was that I forgot: my phone.  Then about 50 things crossed my mind that I would NOT be able to do today because I didn't have my phone with me. Seriously. What did we do before smart phones? We are ridiculously dependent upon them!

It also sucks for you (if anyone happens to be reading this) because I had all kinds of fun Easter stuff share. Yes, after the fact, because that's how I roll. Easter happened too early this year.

Last week I came down with a cold but this cold is kicking my ass.  My head felt like it was going to explode, throat was sore, dizziness, the works.  I can't remember the last time a cold brought me down but this one did with 1 kid casualty as well.  I ended up taking Boo and myself to an urgent care center on Saturday because certainly it had to be a sinus infection to be going on for this long, right? But no. Just a bad a cold. Treat the symptoms and live with it. The doctor was very nice and I was impressed with how quick we were in and out of there.

The onset on the cold for Boo had very bad timing as he was unable to play in his soccer tournament this past weekend. He played Friday night (they tied that game 1-1) but by Saturday morning he felt awful. We still went to the first game hoping he might perk up enough to play a little bit but it just wasn't going to happen. He did score points with his coach and new teammates for showing up, even though he felt like crap.  The team went on to win the tournament for their age bracket with a record of 2-0-1.

**Girls Weekend 2015 ... 3 weeks and 3 days!**