March 9, 2015

Winter Blues

I'm not sure how an entire week has passed. In that week I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show and enjoyed a free wine & spirits tasting (price of admission was worth it for that alone!), we had a big snowstorm, 2 missed days of schools, and I hurt my lower back shoveling heavy, wet snow.

Winter can suck it. I'm ready for Spring.

For added fun, I opened our gas bill for the month of February and it was over double our normal billed amount. The January bill was around $260 and this bill was sitting at $651. I don't think so. We just got a brand new furnace and our thermostat is firmly set at 64 degrees.  After eliminating the chance of a gas leak, we looked at the actual meter and compared it to the billed amount.  The meter reading was wrong. It also turns out that the reading we were billed was an estimate, although finding that information on the bill wasn't easy.  I attempted to called our gas company this morning to dispute the bill.

What. a. nightmare.

South Jersey Gas: get your shit together. 75 minutes on hold is absolutely 100% ridiculous.  You keep hiding behind this "we've upgraded the system please bear with us" excuse but it's been over 6 months. You seem to be the only ones who haven't figured it out. Customers are using the new system with ease. And how about you stop billing people on baseless estimates!  In over six years of service, I've never paid a gas bill higher than $350.

Our adjusted bill stands at $305.21.  Given how cold the month of the February was, this seems right. If only I get back those 75 minutes of my life.

Maybe I should send South Jersey Gas a bill.

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