March 24, 2015

Meet My New Friends

Yesterday my sister and I took the day off from work and visited three local wineries for taste testings. I had no idea this was something that could happen in the middle of the day on a week day. Yes, I live under a rock.  My sister suggested we do this as a birthday present to me. It was the perfect suggestion.

I live in a semi-populated area but within 5-10 minutes of my house, you quickly see nothing but farms and open fields with cows and horses. I absolutely love it.  One of the wineries was tucked away in one of those open areas and it just might be my new favorite place to visit - Auburn Road Winery.  It's a quaint place with lots of seating and they even have special Friday night dinners - who knew?!  For a very small fee, we were allowed to choose 8 wines to samples. And that we did. I bought a bottle of my favorite - Blessington.

The next winery we visited was The Wagonhouse Winery.  This placed smelled so good.  They use and sell Stone Wall Kitchen products of which I am now a huge fan!  Again, for a very small fee we were able to sample 20 wines - I kid you not.  The hostess/bartender knew her stuff and had a very specific order in which we sampled the wines.  There were a few I loved and some I didn't and after some deliberation between the Ornery Apple and Peck's Bad Boy, we both purchased a bottle of the Bad Boy wine.

The final winery of the day was Heritage Winery which I've driven past a thousand times but have never visited.  This winery was the most restrictive on what you were allowed to sample which was a little disappointing. You have to choose between sampling dry or sweet wines and only 5 samples are allowed.  Since we almost always don't like dry wine, we chose sweet wines. I liked all five wines. They were all very good! I ended up purchasing two bottles of wine: the Jersey White and the Jersey Moscato.

The next stop? FOOD. We ended the day with a late lunch at a local restaurant called Carolina Blue. We drank water with our meals.  We had a such a nice time. I think this will become an annual tradition!

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