March 31, 2015

Life Presently

My life, once again, is revolving around sports. I suppose that is life with boys who like to play sports! However, the spring soccer and lacrosse seasons are off to a rough start. And for added fun, my 13 year old has joined a tournament-only team for lacrosse. If you're going to jump, you may as well jump big, right?

Soccer:  The first game was on Sunday after 4 straight weeks of game cancellations due to the-winter-that-just-won't-end.  The boys played very well and we actually had more shots on goal but the ball just would not go in the net.  After a very bad penalty call and resulting penalty kick, the score was now 0-2 and there just wasn't enough time to recover.  This weekend our team is playing in an Easter Tournament so hopefully a game or two (or all three!) will go our way and boost the boys' spirits!

Lacrosse:  The first game we blew out the other team rather easily. But the second game was a complete and utter disaster and we were blown out.  The third game (yes, all in one week due to trying to make up games!), things were looking much better and the score was back and forth most of the game but it got away from us at the end.  They are supposed to play another make-up game tonight but of course it's supposed to start raining so my guess is the re-rescheduled game will be postponed yet again.

Can we catch a break, Mother Nature? Please??  We had a light layer of snow covering the ground yesterday morning. I wish I was kidding. Enough is enough!!

So I'm once again playing taxi, shuffling kids back and forth to practice and eating dinner from Wawa is now the norm. Weekend leftovers and frozen dinners are now my very best friends. If I were more ambitious, I would prep something for the crock pot in the morning. But you know what? No one would eat it. It's much easier to do sandwiches, frozen pancakes, pizza, or Wawa.  There is less complaining from that kids this way. I look forward to the day when I can enjoy adult food!

I leave for Girls Weekend 2015 in 4 weeks, 2 days, and 11 hours. Nah, I'm not counting down or anything! ;)

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