March 12, 2015

Here We Go Again

Good news!  Spring sports have started, forcing my children off the couch.

Bad news!  Spring sports have started, forcing ME off the couch!

When I pulled up to the first lacrosse practice the other night, I actually sighed when I was reminded about some of the company I will be for the next 3-4 months. It has already started. I've  decided we live in the mecca of "my son is so great he should be playing a level up" and when it's convenient for us, he'll also play "down" on your team too, taking playing time away from other kids on the "lower" team.  Pick a team. PICK A TEAM!!

This should not be allowed unless a team has s shortage of players and that is not the case. This whole era of parents need to be put in their place.  Your son is in 7th grade? Then he should be on the 7th grade team. Oh, he's in 8th grade? He should be on the 8th grade team. It's pretty damn simple.

I'm so glad I found new wine I like. I think I might need a case or three to get through this season.

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