March 13, 2015

American Idol Should Change the Name of the Show

I've been watching American Idol for a very, very long time. I go back to the Kelly Clarkson days.  Some years I've watched religiously and others I've used the fast forward button a lot. I even experienced a period of mourning when Simon Cowell left the show.  Why do I watch now? Harry. I love me some Harry.

I had high hopes for this season as I watched the auditions. I even liked that they cut out a lot of the fluff and didn't make us a slave to a two hour show three nights a week. Finally - they get it! Let's get to the point!  I noticed there seemed to be a lot of teens making the cut this year and now it finally all makes sense.

Scott Borchetta.

It was announced that the winner would be signing a record contract with him. He's best known for giving us Taylor Swift (thanks, dude - yes, that's sarcasm - I am not a fan!).  What better way to mold a new one? You need a teenager, so I present to you the Top 12 - Teen Idol 2015:

1.       Sarina-Joi Crowe ... decent
2.       Rayvon Owen ... decent
3.       Daniel Seavey ... his cuteness is wearing off quick. Can he hold a note for more than a nanosecond?
4.       Maddie Walker ... just no.
5.       Tyanna Jones ... brilliant every time.
6.       Nick Fradiani... you must feel like you're stuck in some sort of twisted groundhog-day-meets-high-school movie set ... get out while you can!  You're a decent singer but you sound exactly like Chris Daughtry.
7.       Jax Cole ... buzz is wearing off, IMO
8.       Qaasim Middleton ... can you actually sing some time soon?
9.       Clark Beckham ... brilliant every time.
10.     Joey Cook ... I like this girl. She's different, she knows it, and can really sing.
11.     Quentin Alexander ... broadway only, please.
12.     Adanna Duru ... eh, she bit off more than she could chew Wednesday night.

We all know this show is fixed to some degree but if there's an ounce of decency left in the show, Tyanna Jones or Clark Beckham should win. My bet is on Tyanna, solely because she's still a teenager and because of Borchetta's involvement with the show.

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