February 11, 2015

Vent Day

I know it's technically Hump Day but I'm calling it Vent Day instead.

There are a ridiculous number of homes in my neck of the woods that still have Christmas decorations sitting on their front lawns. Some of these home have even managed to put up some Valentine's Day decorations without removing the Christmas decorations. THAT is the definition of lazy. It's February 11th. Put that crap away. There is no snow on the ground, there hasn't been snow on the ground, and one day last week our temperatures reached 50 degrees.

Should I bring up the measles/vaccination debate? Probably not, but this makes my blood boil. If you have a legitimate, medical reason not to vaccinate your child, so be it. But if you are choosing to not vaccinate your child because it's trendy or you "read some article that said they were bad" shame on you. Shame on you for putting immune compromised children and adults at risk for contracting this disease which was considered eradicated until now.  Where is your sense of social conscience?

"But my kids don't hang out with any kids who have cancer" ... it doesn't matter. Do your kids go to the store? School? Restaurants? The movies? The library? Use public restrooms?  I bet they do. And I'm also willing to bet you don't ask every child or adult your child comes in contact with if they are suffering from an immune compromising disease.

Do you have a medical degree? No? Then listen to your pediatrician. Vaccinate your children.

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