February 9, 2015

Ski Trip 2015

We've been talking about taking the boys skiing for a few years but never went, for one reason or another. My husband and I used to frequent the slopes in our younger years but we had not skied in many years. It's just like riding a bike, right?  

This year it just seemed right so we went for it and it was wonderful! The boys both took a 2-hour lesson and afterwards they were ready to ski down the mountain at a high rate of speed. I wish I was kidding! They wanted to try a black diamond. Um, no! It's safe to say they loved it.

The second day was even better! However, the "old" people who went with them were starting to feel it but we persevered.  Our 10 year old declared skiing his "new favorite thing to do" and they both requested we make this a yearly trip.


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