February 28, 2015


Wishing my first born son, the one who changed my life forever by making me a mother, a very Happy 13th Birthday. I can hardly believe you are 13. I'm certain I won't make it through this one without some tears.

Please be kind to us in the coming years. 
This might get ugly before it gets better!

February 26, 2015

Being 40+

I've been in a weird place lately. I'm about to be a mother to a teenager and it's left me freaking out a bit. Not because he's bad (although he is very moody most of the time) but because I'm trying to figure out where the last thirteen years have gone.  Am I really still at the same job I'm tired of but stay at because it's easy, I can work from home when I need to, and pays well?

Yes I am.  Giving up that flexibility seems foolish. especially while I still have kids living at home. If I don't die from boredom before my youngest turns 18, it will be a miracle.

I thought about looking for a new job a millions times. I've also thought about a different career a million times. I don't think I have it in me to start all over. At this point in my life I'm missing that "go get it" attitude.  I just don't have it anymore. I feel like I made a career decision when I was 18 (and clueless) and that sealed my fate to sit behind a desk until I die.

I guess that sounds ominous to anyone who might be about to start college but I don't think it's all that uncommon to want to do something different 20 years later. I just realized this May marks 20 years since I graduated from college.  I have zero desire to go back so you see the pickle this puts me in.

I'm starting to understand what it means to have a mid-life crisis.  I'm not in crisis mode (yet), but wow, I get it.

February 19, 2015

Snow Day

This winter has been weird but it has finally arrived with vengeance. This probably means it will be snowing through March which will completely derail the start of spring lacrosse and soccer. The snow hasn't been bad (pretty much nuisance only) but the cold temperatures are bone chilling, to say the least.

This guy though, he's pretty much doesn't care as long as someone is paying attention to him.

 Gunner, what big teeth you have!

He loves the snow and is such a big "help" while we are shoveling it.

We love him so.

February 18, 2015

Hello Fresh

Have you heard of them yet? It's a service that sends fresh ingredients to make healthy meals right to your doorstep. You choose which meal plan works for you and how often you want the boxes delivered and on which day. You can even swap out recipes if you don't like what the "Chef's Choice" is for the week. I originally decided to give this a try because the subscription is so flexible and the $40 off your first box coupon code.  I figured a total of 6 meals (3 meals x 2 people) for $29 was worth a try! (We couldn't eat out 3 times for $29!!) Plus, I'm trying to get my husband to try new recipes. I'm so very tired of making the same meals time and time again.

The box arrived by 10 am Monday morning, my scheduled delivery day. Everything was neatly packed and labeled inside the box.

That first night I made the Parmesan Crusted Tilapia with potatoes and carrots. It was really, really good.  The fish was very fresh. My husband's only complaint was the topping got a bit crunchy on top when it baked. He doesn't "do crunchy".  Do you feel my pain now?

Anyway, I was thrilled with how delicious the meal was but I'm aware that I could have purchased all the ingredients for this dish for significantly less, especially if I had paid full price for the box.  However, there was no thinking. Everything was pre-measured and we didn't have leftovers, which often seem to go to waste anyway.  I didn't have to buy a bag of shredded parmesan cheese just to use a tiny bit as part of the topping. So again, no waste.

This is not economical for a large family and it's not economical for my family every week either but the plan is very flexible. There is no purchase requirement. You can suspend a week's box for any reason - you just have to remember to do it by midnight every Wednesday.

I will order another box soon but did suspend my 2/23 box due to our schedule next week. See? Very easy!!

Here's the site, if you want to check it out.  I have a code that will save you $40 off your 1st box, just like I did.  If you are interested, let me know by leaving a comment.

Happy Cooking!

February 11, 2015

Vent Day

I know it's technically Hump Day but I'm calling it Vent Day instead.

There are a ridiculous number of homes in my neck of the woods that still have Christmas decorations sitting on their front lawns. Some of these home have even managed to put up some Valentine's Day decorations without removing the Christmas decorations. THAT is the definition of lazy. It's February 11th. Put that crap away. There is no snow on the ground, there hasn't been snow on the ground, and one day last week our temperatures reached 50 degrees.

Should I bring up the measles/vaccination debate? Probably not, but this makes my blood boil. If you have a legitimate, medical reason not to vaccinate your child, so be it. But if you are choosing to not vaccinate your child because it's trendy or you "read some article that said they were bad" shame on you. Shame on you for putting immune compromised children and adults at risk for contracting this disease which was considered eradicated until now.  Where is your sense of social conscience?

"But my kids don't hang out with any kids who have cancer" ... it doesn't matter. Do your kids go to the store? School? Restaurants? The movies? The library? Use public restrooms?  I bet they do. And I'm also willing to bet you don't ask every child or adult your child comes in contact with if they are suffering from an immune compromising disease.

Do you have a medical degree? No? Then listen to your pediatrician. Vaccinate your children.

February 9, 2015

Ski Trip 2015

We've been talking about taking the boys skiing for a few years but never went, for one reason or another. My husband and I used to frequent the slopes in our younger years but we had not skied in many years. It's just like riding a bike, right?  

This year it just seemed right so we went for it and it was wonderful! The boys both took a 2-hour lesson and afterwards they were ready to ski down the mountain at a high rate of speed. I wish I was kidding! They wanted to try a black diamond. Um, no! It's safe to say they loved it.

The second day was even better! However, the "old" people who went with them were starting to feel it but we persevered.  Our 10 year old declared skiing his "new favorite thing to do" and they both requested we make this a yearly trip.


February 3, 2015


I hosted a small Super Bowl gathering at my house this past Sunday. Smart and truly organized people would take photos of the gathering and food, but I did not. Sorry. I was too busy making french fries in our new fryer. Safe to say they were a big hit!

Back to the game .... I was rooting for the Patriots (and my Tommy, as I often refer to him) and my son (and Husband) were rooting for the Seahawks. So you can imagine my sheer and utter GLEE in how that game ended. I was truly and utterly dumbfounded. I was screaming OMG, OMG, OMG , Did that just happen?! My Husband walked out of the room. My 12 year old was screaming Nooooooooooooooooooooo .... even he knew that was the worst play call ever. Ever. EVER!

Patriots win!  (If Tom were smart, he'd retire now. Go out on top, Tom! You don't have anything left to prove.)

Major kuddos to Tom for giving the new truck to Butler who was in the right place at the right time and made the biggest interception of his career!

Great game, great food, and great family! I am thankful.