January 7, 2015

We Need a Mulligan

2015 is off to a rocky start.  

First the dog. He's been favoring his left hind leg and limping rather severely so it was decided he needed xrays and to xray a 110lb German Shepherd, who hates to be overpowered in any way, shape, or form - sedation is required.   It turns out he has a slight deformity in his left hip which has caused him to favor it all this time, leading to some minor muscle deterioration and he has a small tear in his knee.  At this time, our vet is recommending "Pet PT" and no surgery ... yet. I can already see the $$$ signs and I haven't even called the Pet PT place yet.

And then Child #1 came home from the first day back to school on Monday not feeling well, complaining of a bad headache. Yesterday morning he woke up with a 102 fever. He's home again today - fever is still hanging out (with medication!) around 101.

Child #2 is upset because he wants to miss school too.  Be patient, my child, it will likely be your turn next.

I've been feeling a little off too but I'm doing my best to completely ignore it.  Because you know, ignoring it can cure it.

The only bright side to 2015 so far is that the Dallas Cowboys are still playing football!!

Go Boys!!

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