January 23, 2015

Perfect Timing

With all the stress of every day life lately, the perfect thing happened at the perfect time: I was invited on a girls only weekend trip in May. I could not say YES fast enough! I. am. so. excited.

I have never been good about taking time for myself away from the family. I carry tons of working mom guilt so I've always thought that leaving them on weekends was selfish and that they would end up talking about me in therapy one day because their mother was never around. I realize this is an insane way to think but it's what goes through my mind. Add to that The Husband's work schedule and it was just never a good fit for us when the kids were younger. It required too much coordination and outside help.

Things are bit different now that they are older. So that's my green light and I'm outta here!

Our destination has been chosen and plans are forming. Four women from four different states coming together for a weekend of food, booze, and laughter. It sounds like heaven!


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