January 23, 2015

Perfect Timing

With all the stress of every day life lately, the perfect thing happened at the perfect time: I was invited on a girls only weekend trip in May. I could not say YES fast enough! I. am. so. excited.

I have never been good about taking time for myself away from the family. I carry tons of working mom guilt so I've always thought that leaving them on weekends was selfish and that they would end up talking about me in therapy one day because their mother was never around. I realize this is an insane way to think but it's what goes through my mind. Add to that The Husband's work schedule and it was just never a good fit for us when the kids were younger. It required too much coordination and outside help.

Things are bit different now that they are older. So that's my green light and I'm outta here!

Our destination has been chosen and plans are forming. Four women from four different states coming together for a weekend of food, booze, and laughter. It sounds like heaven!


January 22, 2015

The Tough Stuff

Do you remember the days when you kids are little and the days seemed to last forever? When they demanded your time and attention 24/7 and you weren't sure if you were going to survive until bedtime? When you ran pointless errands just to get everyone out of the house because most of the time a change of scenery made the biggest difference in how the day unfolded.

Do you remember when you thought a stubborn three year old tantrum was the end of the world? I'm here to tell you that my12 year old - almost 13 - is so much worse. Some sort of hormonal switch went off this past year and life in my house has become tense. He is the moodiest, most miserable person I think I have ever met. Everything pisses him off but his younger brother takes the brunt of it. The sly comments, the teasing, the wrestling (which always ends up with someone in tears) ... but saying you dislike your brother so much you wish he would die ... well, that sent me over the edge.

It wasn't pretty. It was loud when all I wanted that night was a peaceful night.

I told him to think about all the people in the world who WISH they had a sibling. To think about all the people in the world who have LOST a sibling and would do anything to get that sibling back. I didn't get to know my brother T, since he was 3 months old when he died. We have no idea what he would be like or who he would become - - and don't you think we'd all like to have that chance, including you? Since he'd be your Uncle? I yelled some more, mostly through tears because I was just. so. angry. I'm not even sure what else I said.

He was sent to his room (it was 8:30pm) and told that I didn't want to see him until the morning. When morning came, he stomped down the stairs and out the door to school when he realized his phone would be gone for the foreseeable future.

I never thought I would say that I miss toddlers. But I really do. In comparison, life was so much simpler back then, even though you thought it wasn't.

January 14, 2015

Seasonally Changeable Wreath

I'm back today with a fun and easy wreath I made to hang in our newly finished powder room. Maybe you call it a 1/2 bath but for whatever reason (regionally?) it's called in a powder room in my world.

Step 1:  Buy a wreath. Any wreath that suits your needs.
Step 2: Add a bow. Any bow that suits yours needs. It could even be a purchased pre-made bow. I'm all about easy.
Step 3:  Add seasonally appropriate decor.
Step 4: Hang the wreath - done!

See how easy that was?

I do get some points for making 2 of the snowflakes out of hot glue, right?  Just take some wax paper and lightly brush it with a tiny bit of dish soap and water that has been mixed together. You can freehand the snowflakes or trace a patter like I did. Let the glue dry (takes 10 minutes at most) and gently peel the snowflakes off the wax paper.  I then took some glitter glue and brushed it on to jazz them up a bit. And wah-la - snowflakes!

When Valentine's Day rolls around, I will switch out the snowflakes for some hearts. Then there's St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Memorial Day and well, you see where this is going. It's a quick and easy way to add a little holiday something in your home. Hang it on your front door, a closet door, on a wall, or in your bathroom like I did.

January 7, 2015

We Need a Mulligan

2015 is off to a rocky start.  

First the dog. He's been favoring his left hind leg and limping rather severely so it was decided he needed xrays and to xray a 110lb German Shepherd, who hates to be overpowered in any way, shape, or form - sedation is required.   It turns out he has a slight deformity in his left hip which has caused him to favor it all this time, leading to some minor muscle deterioration and he has a small tear in his knee.  At this time, our vet is recommending "Pet PT" and no surgery ... yet. I can already see the $$$ signs and I haven't even called the Pet PT place yet.

And then Child #1 came home from the first day back to school on Monday not feeling well, complaining of a bad headache. Yesterday morning he woke up with a 102 fever. He's home again today - fever is still hanging out (with medication!) around 101.

Child #2 is upset because he wants to miss school too.  Be patient, my child, it will likely be your turn next.

I've been feeling a little off too but I'm doing my best to completely ignore it.  Because you know, ignoring it can cure it.

The only bright side to 2015 so far is that the Dallas Cowboys are still playing football!!

Go Boys!!