December 10, 2014

So Over 2014 Expenses

It happened again. Another problem in the house. As if replacing the heating and air and the mini flood in the basement weren't enough ... let's add a leaky toilet in the master bathroom to the list.  Not exactly a big deal, until my husband replaces the toilet and finds a corroded pipe, capable of bursting at any moment.

So then this happened:

Just what every one wants just a few weeks before Christmas! 

Dare to ask why there are two holes? The Husband temporarily lost his mind and cut the first hole (near the window) in the completely wrong spot. Even *I* knew the toilet wasn't in that corner!

Don't you think we should be eligible for a discount from our homeowner's insurance? We proactively fixed a problem before it became a giant, messy claim!

The good news is we've been talking about getting the ceiling repainted so now that will happen. And if you're wondering about the never-ending powder room renovation, well, it's almost done. The walls are painted, new counter top is installed but it still needs some trim pieces and we need to buy a new faucet. We realized after hanging the new light and mirror that the faucet need to be brushed nickel, instead of chrome. And he still needs to reconnect the toilet and patch the wall in the kitchen from the other leak.  All of that will be finished this weekend or you might see me on the news.

: )

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