December 11, 2014

Mean Mom

My children have a serious problem adapting to cold weather. You'd think we once lived year-round in a warm climate like Hawaii, but no, we have been born and bred in NJ ... and they refuse to wear pants or jeans of any kind.

In years past I just set a date and said "no more shorts after 11/15" but after much backlash from them (and rising and falling temps), I pushed the date to 12/1 but they are still wearing shorts to school!

This morning there was actual snow on the ground and I told Boo to wear pants. You might have thought I told him the internet died and wifi ceased to exist - it was that horrible. Tears! Seriously? Over wearing weather-appropriate clothing? Someone please help me to understand why this is such a big deal.  He told us he's "known for wearing shorts when no one else does" ... wait, what? Why is that a thing? You're in 5th grade! Am I seriously going to ruin his social stature at the age of 10 by insisting he wear pants during the winter? Am I being unreasonable here? They go outside at recess and he only wears a hoodie as a coat as it is!


One part of me says why does this matter, if he wants to freeze, let him freeze ... but the Mom part wants to stand firm, avoid any conflict at school because he isn't wearing weather-appropriate clothing, and for heaven's sake - it's 30 degrees outside - cover your chicken legs!!

School uniforms would be welcomed right about now.

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