December 15, 2014

Helping with PB&J

On Friday night, the boys and I (along with some help from my sister) prepared 100 PB&J sandwiches + a complete bagged lunch to be delivered to a local kitchen and passed out to disadvantaged people in the area. A wonderful mom I know does this every year and she called out for help this year and many people responded. As a result, 1,700 lunches were delivered on Saturday!

100 brown paper bags, labeled with an encouraging message
100 Christmas themed sandwich baggies
100 Nutrigrain & granola bars
100 juice boxes
100 pieces of candy
11 loaves of bread
4 small jars of peanut butter
1 large jar of jelly
 ... and about 3 hours of our time...

a priceless lesson for my boys to remember not all people are as fortunate to live in a warm house, with wifi and a stocked pantry.

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