November 13, 2014

Wrapping Up The Crazy

I might be jinxing myself but I've reached the I-don't-care-point.  This soccer season has been absolutely dismal. There is nothing good I can say about it. When your team goes from being undefeated to only two wins, 5 losses, and a tie - something is wrong. Something has changed. I can tell you what changed:  the move to a Flight 1 team (we are not a flight one team - I wish someone could tell our Coach this!) and the focus on the "club" side teams. It's ridiculous!

The Coach made the announcement about a week ago that he would not be coaching this team in the Spring or beyond. No shocking information there! He's taking his kid and focusing on the club team. Bon Voyage is what I say! We do not want to sit in the back seat behind a coach that is focusing on the side club team. 

I wish there was a national law prohibiting you from coaching ANY team when your child plays on the team.

We still have one more game scheduled for next Wednesday night. If practice is cancelled on Monday night, which it has been for the majority of this season, we will not be playing in the game. I will not subject my son to being yelled at because he's crossed into the wrong position or he didn't pass the ball well enough when it's clear that practice is not a priority. How can they be expected to play well together as a team if practice is always cancelled?

I'm done. So very done.

Football ... we've made it to Round 2 of the playoffs. Game is this Sunday ... stay tuned!

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