November 5, 2014

So This Happened

Sunday night we came home from celebrating my nephew's birthday and I had a burst of energy. I decided to put away the Halloween decorations I had around the house and put out the few Thanksgiving things I have.  I went into the basement and I hear water ...  and it takes a second to register and two thoughts immediately entered my mind:

1.  I'm in the basement
2.  I should not be hearing dripping water.

But there is was, a giant pool of water on the floor and water leaking from the ceiling. Care to guess where the water was coming from?

THE HALF BATHROOM, that we've been renovating forever.

It turns out that when The Husband planked the walls (about 4 weeks ago), he hit a pipe, piercing it straight through. The drip was probably slow at first until the nail started to rust and then came the waterfall.

So now I have a hole in the wall of the kitchen:

I am lucky my Husband is handy .... he saw off the damaged pipe and put a temporary shut-off valve on there while we let the wall/floor/ceiling dry out. The good news is my refrigerator covers this spot so at least there's that. The bad news is that once again I do not have a working toilet on the main floor.  I'm convinced it's all a damn conspiracy.

Have I mentioned that The Husband did a similar thing in the master bedroom of our old house? He did. That little mess severely damaged the family room ceiling and rug in that house.

I've said it before - home ownership is not for the weak!

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