November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

I don't know about you, but we'll be spending the day with family, stuffing our faces, talking, laughing, and watching some football.

And not shopping.

My wish is that retailers will wake up and realize the importance of family - and a day off - instead of the frenzied, pointless shopping at 2am ... or at 4pm on Thanksgiving day. Really?!?!

I'll be back in December!

November 25, 2014

My Head Hurts

In case you're curious, I'll be swearing off all news outlets for the foreseeable future. I wish one, just one, would get it right.

~ Brown was not a "teenager." Saying someone is a teenager, it implies a 14 year old boy. He was 18 years old, a legal adult, capable of voting, and larger than most adult men.

~ Brown robbed a store, using his stature as a weapon.

~ Officer Wilson was the RANDOM officer who responded to the call of the robbery and saw Brown walking in the middle of the street, matching the description given to him by dispatch, holding the box of cigars he allegedly stole. HE WAS NOT RACIALLY PROFILING BROWN. Brown matched the description of the person suspected in the robbery.

~ Can we stop saying that Brown allegedly robbed the store? He robbed the store. There is video to prove it.

~ Brown assaulted Officer Wilson while still in his police vehicle and as a result of that assault, Brown was shot and killed.

While I acknowledge that white privilege does exist and there are instances when black people are unfairly scrutinized, this case is not an example of that. The fact that people believe it is, makes my head hurt.

I don't have the answers. I don't know why Brown chose to not obey Officer Wilson's demands that day. But Officer Wilson had every right to defend himself that day, when his authority as a law enforcement officer was physically threatened. Was he supposed to just hand Brown his gun and run away?

I don't want to live in a society where the thugs win. If you're a thug - black, white, green, or purple - and you threaten a police officer's life, be prepared to accept the consequences. It's really that simple.

November 17, 2014

An Eventful Weekend

On Thursday night I was sitting all snug on the coach when my phone rang. My husband was being rushed to the hospital from work with horrible chest pain. So I gathered up child #2 so we could go pick up child #1 from football practice and headed to the ER.  

When we arrived, things were calm but the boys were scared. They were trying to figure out what was causing the pain, since an EKG didn't show any signs of heart damage and thus, he probably did not have a heart attack (but were reminded that sometimes it doesn't show up right away on the tests.)  So we waited for blood and xray results - all clear.  By this time it was pushing 1am and we were all exhausted so the boys and I headed home. The Husband was staying the night.

The next morning came more tests and finally a diagnosis:  pericarditis.  "Pericarditis is swelling and irritation of the pericardium, the thin sac-like membrane surrounding your heart. Pericarditis often causes chest pain and sometimes other symptoms. The sharp chest pain associated with pericarditis occurs when the irritated layers of the pericardium rub against each other." The symptoms of pericarditis mimic heart attack symptoms, which is what makes this so scary.  He was released from the hospital late Friday afternoon with orders to follow up with a cardiologist for some other tests and with his general practitioner to test for various autoimmune disorders.

Saturday was spent recovering from the Thursday/Friday fun.

Sunday we watched a debacle. One live in person, and the other (gleefully) on TV.  Our football season ended yesterday with a terrible loss. There's no way to sugar coat a 49-6 loss.  But what we didn't count on was how the Eagles would lose in such spectacular fashion too!

Should I mention we a Dallas Cowboy fans?

Probably not.

Troy Aikman was rockin' that scruffy beard! Is he single?

November 13, 2014

Wrapping Up The Crazy

I might be jinxing myself but I've reached the I-don't-care-point.  This soccer season has been absolutely dismal. There is nothing good I can say about it. When your team goes from being undefeated to only two wins, 5 losses, and a tie - something is wrong. Something has changed. I can tell you what changed:  the move to a Flight 1 team (we are not a flight one team - I wish someone could tell our Coach this!) and the focus on the "club" side teams. It's ridiculous!

The Coach made the announcement about a week ago that he would not be coaching this team in the Spring or beyond. No shocking information there! He's taking his kid and focusing on the club team. Bon Voyage is what I say! We do not want to sit in the back seat behind a coach that is focusing on the side club team. 

I wish there was a national law prohibiting you from coaching ANY team when your child plays on the team.

We still have one more game scheduled for next Wednesday night. If practice is cancelled on Monday night, which it has been for the majority of this season, we will not be playing in the game. I will not subject my son to being yelled at because he's crossed into the wrong position or he didn't pass the ball well enough when it's clear that practice is not a priority. How can they be expected to play well together as a team if practice is always cancelled?

I'm done. So very done.

Football ... we've made it to Round 2 of the playoffs. Game is this Sunday ... stay tuned!

November 12, 2014


This little girl needs a miracle.

Pray for Kate

Cancer sucks. There really are no other words. She has spent more of her life fighting cancer than she has living it. 

Please pray for her and her family.

November 5, 2014

So This Happened

Sunday night we came home from celebrating my nephew's birthday and I had a burst of energy. I decided to put away the Halloween decorations I had around the house and put out the few Thanksgiving things I have.  I went into the basement and I hear water ...  and it takes a second to register and two thoughts immediately entered my mind:

1.  I'm in the basement
2.  I should not be hearing dripping water.

But there is was, a giant pool of water on the floor and water leaking from the ceiling. Care to guess where the water was coming from?

THE HALF BATHROOM, that we've been renovating forever.

It turns out that when The Husband planked the walls (about 4 weeks ago), he hit a pipe, piercing it straight through. The drip was probably slow at first until the nail started to rust and then came the waterfall.

So now I have a hole in the wall of the kitchen:

I am lucky my Husband is handy .... he saw off the damaged pipe and put a temporary shut-off valve on there while we let the wall/floor/ceiling dry out. The good news is my refrigerator covers this spot so at least there's that. The bad news is that once again I do not have a working toilet on the main floor.  I'm convinced it's all a damn conspiracy.

Have I mentioned that The Husband did a similar thing in the master bedroom of our old house? He did. That little mess severely damaged the family room ceiling and rug in that house.

I've said it before - home ownership is not for the weak!