October 20, 2014

Weeks 4-7 of The Crazy

I've gotten a little lazy. I blame our schedule. I think it's week 7 and I think I haven't done this post since week 3? I've lost track. In my defense, Boo's soccer team had a 2 week game hiatus due to a blip in the schedule and Columbus Day weekend tournaments but we did not participate.

So let's recap:

Fall lacrosse ended yesterday with a "championship" win over an undefeated team. It was a crazy good game. We won 13-7. And it was f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g. And I really hate 8am anything on Sunday mornings! Moving on...

Soccer games started back up yesterday and it was not a good day.  There was no practice this past week due to rain and a 5th grade school-sponsored camping trip (Boo had a fantastic time!) so that did not help. We lost 4-1. I hate to pin a loss on our goalie but he literally dropped two caught balls which rolled over the line ... very frustrating the entire team. The current record is 1-3-1, which is crazy after we went undefeated this past Spring. I have so much to say about this soccer team but I'll save it for another time.

Football. The Varsity team is hanging in there (3-3, I think?) and the JV team is undefeated. Last night the Varsity suffered a heart-breaking loss. There was 20 seconds left in the game and we're on the 4 yard line about to score for the win and the ball was stripped away and recovered by the opposing team. It was awful .... 

Now that lacrosse has ended, our weekends are looking a bit lighter. The final Varsity football game will be played this weekend. There is one more game on the schedule but that team was unable to field a team this year so it has been forfeited.  The JV team has a few more games on the schedule, provided they aren't canceled (which is often the case with JV games.) Soccer continues until November! 19th! 

Me? I'm ready to become a lazy, lay-under-a-warm-blanket winter slug!

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