October 29, 2014

Halloween All Wrapped Up

Because I'm lazy and pressed for time these past few weeks, I'm combining three Halloween-themed posts into one. You can thank me if you want.

On the right you'll see a wreath I made last month.  The inspiration came from Pinterest, of course.  I used a hay wreath, wrapped it in black satin ribbon, then used furry yarn to wrap around and around and around the wreath until it was covered.  I secured the "Boo" sign using floral picks.  The ghost was kind of pain in the butt. Originally I had plan to use a styrofoam ball but the size ball I needed was too big and wouldn't allow me to close my front door without squishing the styrofoam so I had to improvise. I balled up an old white undershirt. It worked and I'm a genius!  I then added a few finishing touches - the eyes and ribbon - and called it done. I really like the way it turned out!

On the top left you'll see a cauldron of delicious cookies. I ordered them through Cheryl's using an awesome coupon code. I placed 3 orders, sending one to us and the other two to my SIL's. The total cost came in at $64, including shipping. The cookies were delivered on-time and they are fanfreakingtastic!! So good!!  I'm planning to place another order at Christmas time. You can visit their website here:

(and no, no one pays me to say anything about any website!)

And last but not least, the black cat pumpkin. It was a little kit I picked up from Target on clearance last year.  I may have crossed yet another crazy cat lady line but I don't care.  She looks great!

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