October 16, 2014

Count Your Pods!

I switched over to solely using laundry detergent pods well over a year ago. I was tired of buying and lugging the heavy liquid containers around, not to mention storing them. And the dripping down the sides of the containers - it's just a mess. The pods are so much easier and ensure you aren't using too much detergent which I'm fairly certain my husband was guilty of all. the. time.  It's amazing to me how long just one package of the pods lasts.

I am not picky about my detergent. I'll use whatever is on sale. I've used the more expensive stuff and the cheap stuff and I cannot tell a difference in the way it cleans our clothes. 

This week, Ajax is on sale for $1.99 per pack at my local grocery store. Since my stash of pods was running a bit low, I grabbed 2 packages. Out of boredom (maybe?) I decided to count the pods because surely, I paid for 40 pods so there should be 40 pods in the package, right?


There were 19 pods in each package. Not 20, 19! Seriously, Ajax??  I can possibly forgive being one short in one package, but in both packages I bought?

I called the 1-800 number on the back of the package and was met with a perfectly nice customer service representative who really didn't seem concerned about the issue at all. She did offer to send me a voucher for 1 new package of pods but I got the feeling she thought I was lying or crazy ... but alas, I'm not. I counted them 4 times, took a picture, and even let the 10 year old count them too. I opened the packages on the counter in my kitchen so it would have been easy to see if one dropped to the floor. 

These packages were short 1 pod each, plain and simple.  And now anal me will be counting all the laundry pods when I open the package!  

Thanks for that, Ajax!

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