October 3, 2014

An eBay Rant

I've been an eBay member for over 14 years. During that time I've bought and sold many things. I consider myself a "seasonal seller," meaning I sell some of the boy's clothing that is in great shape and worthy of reselling during the correct season. Over the past year I've been a bit lazy and I only had one small listing last spring but decided to get my butt in gear this fall and make a little money.

But the funny thing is, making money on eBay isn't what it used to be. They are essentially feeing-out all small sellers!!  The fees are INSANE. Sure you can list for free now and add as many pictures as you want, but why in the world am I charged a fee on what I charge for shipping?  I'm a fair seller and do attempt to not overcharge to ship an item but sometimes it happens. If a buyer isn't happy with what I'm charging for shipping, they don't have to buy it!!

I understand why they did this but they are killing off the small, home-based sellers with all the damn fees. 

Here's an example:

I sold a costume for $8.05 and based upon the seller's zip code, eBay calculated the shipping costs as $6.00, which the buyer paid. The final value fee on the auction was .81 cents. The shipping fee eBay collected from ME was .60 cents.  It cost me $5.35 to ship the item to the buyer while Paypal then charged me another .71 cents to get paid.

So let's add this up:

8.05 + 6.00 - .81 - .60 - 5.35 - .71 = 6.58 profit ... but that's $2.12 in fees, or 26% of the winning bid. 

What I've learned is this:

On average, I will pay almost $2 in fees for each auction I list so it makes no sense to list any item that isn't worth at least $5.

Rip. Off.

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