September 9, 2014

Merry Christmas, Kids!

It may not be a gift they want but if they like the house cool, it's kind of a necessity.

Our A/C went on Saturday night. The unit was shaking so bad it looked like it was going to walk away. Then came the leaking. And the searing heat coming off of the unit. But inside the house it was still blowing cold air! So instead of risking a fire, we shut it off. 

Please say thank you, Homeowner's Insurance Company.

We were warned a few years ago that we were on borrowed time with the unit so we weren't completely surprised. We are happy it happened now instead of the middle of July and lucky for us, the weather has cooled off this week so it hasn't been too bad, but still... ugh. What an expense.

We had one guy we know come take a look at it yesterday and another (who was recommended) will hopefully be coming later today or tomorrow. With any luck, all will be replaced by early next week.

The funny thing is, once this is fixed? I have officially replaced every key piece of equipment in my house in the past 6 years. We deserve a break and a lottery win, wouldn't you say?

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