September 5, 2014

It's So Pretty

When we moved into this house 6 years ago this week, I immediately hated the stove. The burners never lit without assistance from a lighter and the oven didn't bake evenly. I wanted the stove to die.  Two months later and three days before our first big Thanksgiving Dinner at the new house, the dishwasher broke. A year after that we went away for a long weekend and came home to a refrigerator (and freezer) full of spoiled food. Good times.  We replaced the dryer when friends of ours were moving and couldn't take their newish dryer with them. A year ago the washer died.

The one appliance I wanted to die for the past 6 years refuses to stop working! It's crazy, right? The old white stove was given its death sentence this week. Behold the beauty that now sits in it's place:

I now have matching appliances for the first time in six years.
And a double oven!!!

I was seriously giddy when the delivery guys showed up to install it yesterday.  So I got two gifts yesterday: 1st day back to school and a brand new shiny stove and microwave.  My kitchen looks completely different now that the "white" is gone. 

Let the baking begin!

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