September 2, 2014

Bathroom Progress!

Seriously, don't laugh. I'm aware this the longest 1/2 bathroom makeover e-v-e-r on record. I started removing the wallpaper two years ago? When we finally got serious about it, my Husband ripped out the toilet this past February so we've been without a bathroom on the 1st floor since then. And then the project sat. And sat. And sat. I love my Husband, I do, but he has ADD when it comes to home projects. He can do it and does a beautiful job but getting him to commit can be a challenge. I finally kind of lost it and let him know how ridiculous it is that it's still not done, he finally saw the light. It helps to have a son's birthday coming up too.

So here is where we stand now:

The floor is in and grouted - check!

Cabinet and doors are painted - check!

New light - check!

Wall planks are going up, about 70% done... filling in all the little nail holes won't be fun but the finished product is going to looks awesome!

Trim pieces going in...

With any luck, I'll get home today and the toilet will be installed!

Next up, painting the ceiling "Niagara Falls"   (my Husband is against this, but I told him to "trust me" as he's told me time and time again ... it's his turn now!)

I'm hoping to order the new counter top this weekend once all the walls are done and I also need to pick out a new mirror.

I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

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