August 5, 2014

Vacations Over!

In my head, summer vacation is officially over. We are home from a week-long visit to Florida and now football practice has started so yeah, summer is basically over. Now the boys are waiting with baited breathe for their schedules and teacher assignments to arrive in the mail.

While I was sitting at the wave pool at Blizzard Beach one day last week, I received a phone call from the middle school. It was to remind me about the summer assignments - - plural. To my knowledge there was just a reading assignment to complete but no, there is also math package! What?

We are really behind with the summer reading so things are about to get nasty in my house. 12 year olds are very uncooperative and I refuse to hold his hand through this.  The other one has finished his book and only has 1 part of the required report left to finish. He's currently my favorite child.

I'll update more about our trip later this week. We did do one Disney thing, as I mentioned above. We spent the remainder of the week doing alternative things in the area. It really is possible to enjoy the Orlando area and NOT go to Disney!

And flying at night is really cool:

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