August 25, 2014

Perfect Egg Sandwich Pan

I went shopping for 3 glorious hours by myself on Saturday. It was blissful. While shopping I came across one of those "As Seen on TV" items - The Perfect Pancake Pan - and I thought, hmmm, that's the perfect size for egg sandwiches. I like to bring them to work for an easy lunch and also for a quick dinner sometimes. And sure enough, I flip the box over and it shows using the pan to cook eggs.  The price tag on the box said $7.99.


My only mistake was not lightly spraying the top/flat side of the pan before cooking the eggs so they didn't stick when I flipped it. Duh!  But it worked perfectly, even when I flipped the pan over to ensure even cooking. Just make sure not to flip it too soon and do it fast, or you'll be stuck with a runny mess!

I will be using this pan a lot!

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