August 6, 2014

Airboat Ride

Last week we spent the week in the Orlando area visiting my father. Whenever most people think of Orlando, they immediately think DISNEY.  Disney can be a fun place to visit but it is not a vacation, at least not in my opinion. We did the full-blown Disney trip in 2011 and I have no desire to go back. When I planned this trip, the boys were aware that Disney was not on the agenda. Bud did not care. Boo was a little disappointed but quickly got over it.

The focus of this trip was to spend some time with Grandpop as well as doing some alternative things in the area and eating out every night. There should never be cooking while you are on vacation!

On our last day, we decided to take an Airboat ride. 

The gift shop area was entertaining and I had to refrain myself from purchasing a Hillbilly Nightlite. My favorite thing was the gas pump turned sunscreen and bug spray sprayer.  However, I did not see anyone use this while we were there.

Our boat captain, "John" was really great. He seemed to enjoy his job and it showed as he took us on our tour. He even kept us entertained when our boat ran out of gas and we were stranded for a short period of time. Another boat had to come rescue us.  We were able to see an alligator in the wild protecting her nest.  We even saw 3 bald eagles during our ride!

My boys were not hesitant when it came time to hold an alligator. I know, his mouth is taped, which might be concerning to some, but a donation was made to help sustain the alligators in the wild.

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