July 9, 2014


Boo is doing a soccer camp this week that runs each night at our local field. It's a good thing to get him off the couch since my boys are enjoying the ultimate lazy summer. 

On Monday night I had just set up my chair, sat down, and started talking with one of the other moms when I suddenly jumped up and screamed OUCH! I instantly sensed I had been stung by something but by what? Because we saw nothing flying away or laying on the ground - it was really weird. But I pulled up my capri's and saw the red pin-prick on my knee and man, it hurt! The next question directed at me was "are you allergic?"  

Hmmm... I had no idea. I've never been stung by a bee before. 

So good news - I'm not allergic but it's now almost 48 hours later and the itching and burning is insane!  I'm fairly certain it's burning because I'm scratching it so much. I can't help it. Nothing is helping!

I googled for images of wasp stings and I'm fairly certain that's what got me. The little assholes!

But I'm curious ... this venom injected into me, does it have numbing properties? My knee has been bothering me a lot lately, very achy, etc.  I had an MRI about 9 years ago and was told I had thinning cartilage and had a cortisone injection.  I was starting to think it was time to go back to the knee doctor but maybe the wasp sting is helping?! Maybe I can arrange to get stung once a week?!

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