June 27, 2014

Trip #1 = Success!

Our trip was fabulous! We spent 4 full days in the Colonial Williamsburg area, taking in some history and the amusement parks. The biggest surprise of the entire trip was that we didn't wait more than 5-10 minutes for any ride at Busch Gardens and walked on every water slide at Water Country USA. Crazy, right? The boys were pleasantly surprised and very relieved. It's no fun standing in long lines at every. single. ride. (cough, cough, Disney!)

Gunner survived his time at doggie daycare and even managed to handle the full group sessions. Major progress!! He came home exhausted though. I'm fairly certain he didn't sleep much while he was there. On his first day home, he only got up to pee, eat, and take a walk. Other than that, he was snoozing!  

More soon!

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