June 11, 2014

Great Book, GREAT Movie!

I mentioned before that I go hot and cold with reading books. I'm currently in a "hot" phase (5 books read in the past month) and it all started with The Fault in Our Stars which I started reading in early May.  My sister recommended the book and I knew the movie was coming out in June so I wanted to read the book before seeing the movie.

I did this once before, reading The Silver Linings Playbook before I would let myself watch the movie. It took me a while to get into the book but once I did, I ended up enjoying the story. But the movie? That everyone raved over? And actors were nominated for awards? I hated it!! A major part of the story was altered in the movie and for me, it totally and completely ruined the movie. I ranted about that before so I won't rehash it again.

But The Fault in Our Stars movie? Absolutely fantastic, moving, funny, sad, inspirational - all of it.  I do recommend reading the book before seeing the movie but for once someone got it right. The story did not need to be changed or "Hollywooded" to make the movie great.  Shailene Woodley was phenomenal. I hope this movie isn't forgotten when it awards seasons rolls around again. After all, it trumped Tom Cruise's new movie at the box office on opening weekend!  Go Hazel Grace & Augustus!

Go see the movie (after you read the book!)  You won't be disappointed and do take tissues.

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