June 17, 2014

Billing Fail

How many people remember to pay a yearly bill on their own?

Not many, I would suspect.  I got a "final notice" bill in the mail this weekend for our DOG LICENSE.  The funny thing is, I never received any notice at all until this final notice letter!  The dog license is only $10 but the late fee is $10. Really?

I'm revolting against the machine. We are a responsible dog owner and all of his shots are up to date. We clean up our yard and we don't let him ruin other people's lawns. Had I received any communication that it was time to renew the license, I would have done so in a timely manner. So because of this, I'm not paying the late fee. I never got the 1st notice, which is apparently a pink post card. My guess is the pink postcard is laying stuck somewhere, either in a mail sorting machine or between the seats of a postal truck.  Maybe they should stop with the stupid postcards and actually send a bill in an envelope because that found it's way to me!

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