May 29, 2014

Soccer Resolution

After a week of dealing with a sad boy, (during which I may or may not have bought him an expensive pair of sneakers he wanted to cheer him up), we have a resolution to the soccer team drama: He is staying on the team.

After a few (civil) email exchanges with the coach, he told me I had to contact the head of boys travel soccer to request Boo not be moved down a level and to place him on the other U11 team for the fall season. So I did.

My son was on the XXX soccer team for the past year but I was recently informed he would not be on the team for the upcoming fall season. I know how this works, and I know certain kids end up on certain teams on purpose - and that's fine. It's how youth sports operate in 2014. But trying to explain that to a 9 year old who now thinks he isn't good enough to play on any soccer team is downright hard.  

Obviously my son is very upset by this decision and putting him down a level to U10 is making matters worse. Try to put yourself in his shoes. He'll be in 5th grade in September but he's being asked to not play with his classmates.  He doesn't understand or care about the flight status of the team. He just sees it as he isn't good enough to play with other 5th graders. It's that simple.

I'm upset because of how this was handled and how the confidence he gained has been stripped away. Their team is undefeated, after all. That's huge to a 9 year old. Yet as of right now, he doesn't even want to play in the last game scheduled for 6/1.

I'm respectfully asking that he be placed on the other U11 team for the fall season. If not, he doesn't want to play. He is very adamant about it and I won't force him to play.
Please let me know what is decided.

After the long holiday weekend, another email from his coach showed up:
Please ask (Boo) if he would like to stay and play on our Team for the 2014 Fall Season. I had told J that we wouldn’t mind carrying another player and Boo was next on the Rating List.

Please let us know as soon as possible so J can get the Teams squared away.

When I read that, I was honestly floored. It's not the outcome I expected at all but I do think it's the right one.  Boo has accepted the offer to stay on the team.


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