May 13, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Saturday night at 10:30 Boo was vomiting. Awesome. This came out of nowhere, as he was perfectly fine 30 minutes before. He got sick again around 2:30am - Happy Mother's Day to me!  When he finally woke up late Sunday morning, he was running a fever. The good news in all of this is that instead of rushing around that morning trying to get out to a soccer game, we spent the morning on the couch sipping our favorite drink - me some hot tea, him some Gatorade - and we watched a mini-marathon of Naked & Afraid.

When he perked up a bit, he went over to his book bag and pulled out a piece of purple construction paper that had been folded in half like a book and colored on the outside. "Happy Mother's Day", he said.

Inside the "book" was a 2.5 page essay about Me as a Mom. It was sweet and funny and I was impressed that he took notice of some things we wrote about. But the absolute best part was the closing:

I guess 6th graders are "too old" to make something for their moms for Mother's Day. Tween's are very cranky people. I foresee an increase in my alcohol consumption in the coming months.

Boo perked up later that afternoon so we still went over to my SIL's for a BBQ dinner. It was nice to not cook or host. I did bake a cake - more on that tomorrow!

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