May 6, 2014

Embracing It

Since life begins and ends with sports right now, I need to just embrace it and stop worrying about posting about it too much. Because really, no one cares!  I love my boys and I love to watch them play. 

Saturday morning we left the house at 6:30 am for Bud's lacrosse tournament. The drive wasn't bad (no traffic!) but man, it was early. I don't even leave the house that early for work!

The boys played well but didn't win any games. We were outmatched by a bunch of big bad club teams. I think if we could have played down a level we would have been more evenly matched with the teams. The 3rd game was their best but we couldn't hang on to the lead in the end. But hey, the weather was fantastic and no one got hurt. 

Boo's soccer team got another win on Sunday so they are still undefeated. It's crazy!!

I did manage to sneak out with my sister to the movies on Sunday night. We saw "The Other Woman."  It was decent but the plot was predictable. A few funny scenes but nothing worthy of falling-out-your-seat-funny.

I managed to get the garden going too. Everything is planted. Let's hope the threat of frost is over. I will follow-up on this with more details soon.

I also managed to switch over my closet. It's time to put away the fuzzy warm sweaters. Boooo... just in time too because I forgot how many pairs of summer shoes I had! I definitely do not need to go shoe shopping AT ALL. 

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