April 30, 2014

Where Did April Go?

I cannot believe tomorrow is May 1st. What? This month just flew by and now the end of another school year is in sight. The boys have state testing next week and once that happens, pretty much everyone mentally checks out of school.

I've made no summer plans for the boys this year. In years past they would attend a summer camp offered through our school district. They would go 2-3 times a week, depending on my Husband's schedule.  Last summer I heard nothing but complaints about how boring it was and how it was full of "little" kids. I actually think Bud was the only (going into) 6th grader enrolled in the camp.  Age-wise he can still go this year but I will probably let him stay home.  I haven't decided whether I will let the other one stay with him.

We have one trip planned and another is pending. The planned trip? I really need to book a hotel! We're just going away for a long weekend with my Husband's brother and his family. 

I always said I would never ever drive to Florida but I'm actually considering it.  My dad lives down there and with my brother's rental properties, I always have a free place to stay. I keep hearing more and more airline horror stories and I'm disgusted with how complicated and expensive it has become. However, driving 16 hours doesn't thrill me either. But if we drive, I can stop in NC to visit my oldest and dearest friend! Decisions, decisions!  

All of this must happen before August, of course, because heaven forbid we interrupt the beginning of football season.

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