April 15, 2014

The Weekend

I should just embrace what my life is right now: lacrosse and soccer. It's really my only social outlet other than family. Kind of sad, I guess, but one day my boys will move out and then I'll have time for a social life.  I find it really hard to balance all of that plus work and run a household. So the friend side of things does suffer but it's not because I don't want friends. Quite the opposite, in fact. But it's just hard to make the time. I like to stay home and I like to go to bed early.

I sound like I'm 85.

The lacrosse tournament went okay. The 1st game was great! The boys looked really good and won the game. The 2nd game was a disaster. The other team was a "club" team and they just destroyed us, showing zero mercy and ran the score up unnecessarily. It's a shame they couldn't remember why we were there in the first place - to benefit a cancer foundation. During that game, Bud took a very hard ball-shot to the thigh which has left a terrible bruise. But hey, that can be part of the game. He is okay.

The 3rd game was played right after the beating they took during the 2nd game so at that point, they were just done. Can't blame them! But the weather was absolutely gorgeous and we were there to support a great cause.

Boo's soccer team is still undefeated! Their record is now 4-0  -  the only undefeated team in the league.  They are playing so well. We are very proud of them!

Last night, on the way to yet another lacrosse game, Bud went into the garage to get his cleats and and gust of wind took the laundry door room door just as he was trying to close it, and it closed on his thumb. It was horrible. He did one of those sheer pain cries when no sound came out. He was unable to play in the game, but still cheered his team on from the sidelines. They won! The door caught just the tip of the thumb and it's black and blue on both sides. He will lose the finger nail at some point but he can bend and move his thumb so nothing is broken.  A rough weekend for him, no doubt! The poor kid!

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