April 21, 2014

Overheard at Walmart

Boo and I headed to Walmart on Sunday night for a few things. Plastic Easter eggs and new folding camp chairs were on the list.  We tossed our old chairs in the trash after the Lax Tournament on Saturday. They were one butt away from breaking and the storage bags had been duct taped together too many times. Their useful life was over!

We were having a great time in the store, picking up the few odds and ends we needed. We stopped in the floor care aisle because I was out of the wood floor cleaner I like to use (Murphy's Oil Squirt & Mop) and I refused to pay grocery store prices for it when I know it's cheaper at Walmart and/or Target. And of course Walmart didn't have it for whatever reason. When I turned around,  Boo was rearranging all the foil boxes on the shelf. I watched him for about 5 seconds and said,

"Umm, what are you doing?"

"Playing Jenga!"

That boy ... and the unexpected things that constantly come out of his mouth which makes me laugh out-loud and causes people to stare! 

He's worth every stare.

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