April 1, 2014

Don't Judge

So I was a tiny bit bored on Saturday night. Hours and hours and hours of cold rain will do that to a person. 

The dog was driving us nuts. He want to go outside but he hates to be wet.


So I took him into the garage and tortured him with a laser pointer until his tongue was hanging out and then I brushed him. Then out of boredom, I created a fur puppy.

I have issues.

We were able to squeeze in the lacrosse game on Friday night before the rains came. They won 7-3! But that happiness was quickly dampened (quite literally) on Sunday when they lost both games. I'm still shivering from the 2+ hours I spent sitting out in the rain on Sunday. It was miserable. The plus? Bud knows we love him since we sat through it!

Soccer was canceled on Sunday thankfully so our busy-busy weekend turned out to be not so bad. The laundry got done and a cake was baked just because.

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