March 20, 2014

Why I Hate Apple

My boys each have an iPod 5, which they purchased with money they saved. It was money they received from chores, birthdays, holidays, and good grades.  $300+ is not something they saved in a month's time. It took time for them to save all that money so they could buy the newest and greatest iPod.  

In the past year, we've been through countless cords.  The wires fray easily, EVEN THE OFFICIAL APPLE CORDS, especially with kids constantly pulling them in and out of the devices. Yes, I've shown them how to do it properly but over time, the wires tear. It's inevitable. And yes, the dog has chewed a few of them ... so Five Below has been a godsend with their $5 knock-off cords. Yeah, I know they're made in China. But I don't care. What I do care about is being forced to spend $30 on an official apple cord to charge a damn iPod!

I have been to 5 different discount stores (3 Five Below's!) just this week and NO ONE has any cords compatible with the 5! What the ?  Why is there a sudden shortage? Has Apple finally monopolized everything?

I will keep my Android phone, thank you very much.  I will never own an Apple phone. I'm so tired of Apple's games.

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