March 19, 2014



Even though the weather IS NOT COOPERATING AT ALL, spring soccer has started. Boo's first game was on Sunday. It was a balmy 40 degrees at game time. The team looked great, they really did! It was evident the winter Futsal league was very beneficial in keeping them conditioned and taught them better passing techniques. I think it's going to be an exciting season of soccer!

They won the game 3-2 so the season is off to a great start!


We got word late last week that Bud was invited to play on the Advanced U13 Lacrosse Team. Since this is only his second season playing lacrosse, we are extremely proud of him! He really picked up this sport fast and is quite good at it!  Their season kicks off next weekend, 3/28 and they will participate in tournaments on March 30th and April 12th.

We will be busy, no doubt.  After a winter of being snowed in over and over again, I promise not to complain. Now, if Monday's snowfall would melt.... grrrr.

Go away, Winter!

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