March 28, 2014

It Begins Again

Tonight is opening weekend for lacrosse and what a weekend it will be. Game tonight, game tomorrow, and a tournament on Sunday. Throw a soccer game in there on Sunday too.

This is our life.

I recently read an article that criticized parents who spent the majority of their week shuffling kids from one sport to another. You know, those crazy, fanatical parents who think their kid will be the next Tiger Woods. While I could identify with some of what was written in the article, I don't think it described our family as a whole.

~ My boys pick the sports they play. Trust me on this one. My husband despises soccer but Boo has been playing for quite some time.

~ We are a fall and spring sport family, with winter and summers off.  The boys did participate in  8 week camps this winter for the first time (met 1x per week) but it was done as a way to get them off the couch and keep their skills up.

~ We play one sport at a time. I refuse to do two. It's too much for me, let alone them.

~ We do not have a personal trainer of any sort to "coach" the boys.

~ We do not play "club" sports. 

I don't believe I'm living vicariously through my boys by having them participate in team sports. I played sports when I was a kid but I only did them through school. I do wish I had more opportunities in that area as a kid but that isn't making me force sports onto my children now. I played field hockey for 7 years and while I liked it, I didn't love it, and would have preferred to play soccer. But in the late 1980's, girls soccer was non-existent at the school I attended so I never played unless it was during gym class.

I enjoy watching my boys participate in their sporting events. Sure, the schedule can be a bit much at times and when they need to skip a practice once awhile, I let them. It's not the end of the world. But they know they made a commitment to the team so they will honor that commitment and show up for practice next time.

I wish more people would look at youth sports as a way for the kids to have fun. Sure, there is some competition, but I think a little competition is healthy. It keeps you in check. Some of these parents are just over-the-top ridiculous. I feel bad for those children.

This upcoming lacrosse season will likely make or break Bud. It's intense, especially for a non-club team. 12 games and 5 tournaments over the next nine weeks. And people think football is bad!

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