February 19, 2014

It's Birthday Time Again

We're celebrating Bud's 12th birthday with our family this weekend. It's a tad early but schedules meant doing it this weekend or not until later in March. His actual birthday is February 28th and for some reason, celebrating it in March always seems wrong to me because he was born in February, albeit the very last day of the month. Usually!

With his "advanced" years, planning a party has become more challenging. He doesn't like Scooby Doo or Spongebob anymore and we've overused the football theme. I love to plan a party around a theme. That's when the ideas start to flow! But he's a boy. I can't do all the cute and fun stuff girls would appreciate. I have to surf the internet to scratch that itch.  I love my boys to the moon and back but boys are boring when it comes to party planning.

So I'm sticking to a normal birthday theme, colors and simple "Happy Birthday" plates. It does make things easier...  but I did make a candy bouquet to be the centerpiece on the table:

It was very simple to make. I took a small glass vase I had at home, jammed a floral foam block in the top of it, attached the candy to skewers with tape, and arranged them by poking the sticks through the floral foam block. Then I covered it with tissue paper (cellophane would work well too).  I also cut a few strips of the tissue paper to twist through the sticks on top to hide the sticks and floral foam. All the candy, tissue paper, floral foam and cute ribbon were purchase at Dollar Tree. Love that store! 

p.s. I have fixed the stick on the Starburst!

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