February 5, 2014

It Will Get Done

I'm almost embarrassed to confess that our 1/2 bathroom still isn't completed. It's the only room in our house that was wallpapered floor to ceiling. Every other trace of wallpaper has been removed from my home (boy's bathroom and 1 bedroom).   I don't think I've yet mentioned in 2014 how much I hate wallpaper so here it is again... I HATE WALLPAPER.

But this wallpaper is special. It was apparently put on the walls as the house was being built because as I was removing it, I discovered the walls were not painted and I could see pencil markings on the drywall, probably written by the construction workers (and it was applied completely behind the toilet!)  We are the second owners of this house. It was built in 1999. What makes this wallpaper special is how ugly it is. You would never know that someone in 1999 picked out this wallpaper on PURPOSE to put up in a beautiful, newly constructed home. It baffles my mind.

So I started scraping off the wallpaper too long ago. It's  been so long.  It's chore and a half and I'd get annoyed every time I had to think about doing it. But I was doing so much damage to the drywall, it wasn't even worth my time trying to get it off.  At first we decided to just rip down the drywall and start over ... but that's a pain in the ass. Been there, done that, don't want to live through it again.

This is how it looks right now. Apparently my husband is finally tired of listening to me whine about the state of the bathroom that he finally started demolition. I'm not sure if you can pick up the detail in the wallpaper, but it's a creamy tan color with brushstrokes of mauve, mint green, and a darker tan. Ugly. But even better? The counter top matched.

Good bye, pink-hued counter-top I will not miss you.

With any luck, when finished, it will look a lot like this:

I will paint our existing vanity a "shark" gray and custom-order a counter-top (since we have to fill an odd-length space ... isn't that always the way?!)  We plan to use v-groove paneling to achieve the same horizontal look as you can see in the photo.  We will panel right over the existing drywall and leftover wallpaper. This way, one day in the future, if someone else demolishes the bathroom, they too can enjoy the brush-stroked Aztec-like wallpaper that someone once thought was a good decorating choice. 

With any luck and a lot of cooperation from my Husband, I hope this will be completed by my birthday. It's all I really want anyway so I think it's a good goal to aim for. March 25 is D-day!

Wish us luck!

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