February 4, 2014

At Least The Cupcakes Were Good

You definitely can't say that about the game!  To get all the way to the biggest football game of the year and play like that? I'm assuming all Bronco players are currently in hiding. Congratulations, Seattle Seahawks. I was rooting for you. I really like your uniforms.

Does it annoy anyone else that a majority of the Superbowl commercials were leaked online before the game?  Sometimes the internet is good, and sometimes it's not. Why can't we be patient and be surprised?  I really miss the 90's.

Oh the dip! The dip was absolutely fantastic. You must make it for your next party.  Every last glob of it was smeared onto a piece of bread. So very good!!

Yes, I cheated and used canned frosting. Sometimes you just need canned frosting. The funny thing is when I do? Never any leftovers. Go figure.

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