February 12, 2014

A Prediction

I'm going to go out on a limb and predict yet another snow day for my children tomorrow. At this rate, they might be in school until July. And I just might lose my mind.

I know. Please don't say it. I will miss them one day. I should cherish these days. I should be happy I have healthy children who can go to school. I am. I am a lucky mom, I'm well aware of that. But that doesn't take away the stress that comes with being off from school every other freaking day.  Routines are disrupted. Work? I haven't been on time since I can't remember. Kids whine. Kids get incredibly lazy. The Duggars we are not. Kids whine when they actually have to go to school. And kids lose their minds when all that make-up work is sent home as homework.

Monday night was a baaaaad night in our home.  My 4th grader has morphed into flea high on sugar. He had a lot of work to do, including some classwork he did not complete. All this random time off from school has melted his brain and ruined the school routine. I realize it's winter and snow happens, but it's a disruption taking away the tender ability my 9 year old has to focus on school work. 4th grade is a tough year in school and all this time off is. not. helping.

As of right now, school won't let out until June 18th. It's going to be a very long four months.

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