January 28, 2014

Hair Confession

It has been a year since my last "professional" haircut.  I use quotation marks around "professional" because at the ripe old age of 40, I still can't find someone who can cut my hair consistently well.  I've tried many places, ranging in price ranges up to $50 a cut and still, almost every single time at some point, I am disappointed and break-up with that stylist.

I was using a salon near my house for quite some time. I had 2 girls that I like well enough. But over time, as usual, the bad hair cut happens. The year-ago hair cut?  It was terrible. In hindsight, I should have gone back and complained, but I did not. She completely screwed up the layers! It was uneven and choppy. When your husband notices it, you know there is a problem.

I've never been afraid to cut my own hair so I grabbed a pair of scissors and took a few inches off the length to help hide the bad cut of the layers. It helped for the most part but for the past year I've just been growing out the layers and straight-trimming the ends as needed. The only problem with this fix has been the horrible split ends on the layers from blow-drying and the flat iron. My hair grows sloooooooow.

All of this has now morphed into a bigger problem. I am fearful and nervous to let anyone near my head with a pair of scissors. I'm tired of the crappy cuts that aren't cheap! I'm close, oh so close, to chopping it all off but I literally talk myself out of it once a week because I don't know who I can trust to do it right - and keep doing it right.

I have clearly have control issues.

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