December 20, 2013

Wrapping It Up

Today is my last day of work until January 2nd.  I'm ecstatic to be able to enjoy so much time off from work.  Life can be stressful around the holidays. But this year I'm just not feeling the stress because I have a good 4 days to prepare before the big day gets here! My shopping is mostly done and everything waiting at home has been wrapped. I will likely be spending the majority of the weekend in the kitchen baking.

My boys are growing up fast and I'm feeling that this holiday season more than ever before. I suppose it's because this is the first Christmas that no one believes in Santa. It makes me a little sad. I now there is a lot of debate over this topic, mostly by people who over over the top and must be politically correct about every. little. thing.  Heaven forbid we let our children be children and believe in a little holiday magic. 

Bud had been questioning Santa's existence for about 2 years and he would ask a ton of questions. I always found a way to pose the question back to him. For example, "How do you think Santa can visit everyone's house in just one night?"  And then he would launch in to some wild story which was reason enough alone to let him believe in Santa. I wish I had thought to videotape the explanations he would come up with.  When his questions got more specific, I knew it was only a matter of time before he figured it out (damn school and the critical thinking and writing exercises!) But when he said point-blank, "Mom, I know you and Daddy are Santa Claus" it was hard to keep the secret going. He wasn't mad or upset. He was thrilled he figured out the big secret! Now he enjoys playing along, for the sake of his younger cousins who still believe.

The whole world could use a little more Santa Claus in their lives. I know I miss him.

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