December 3, 2013

The Rush is On

I enjoyed a rather long break for Thanksgiving, part unplanned and part planned. Regardless, it was nice to unplug for the long weekend. I only checked email, which thank God I did...

Retailers, I love to shop, I do, but you seriously sent WAY TOO MANY EMAILS over the Holiday weekend. An insane amount of email over and over and over! Enough!!

If I want to shop at your website, I will. And if I do, I'm smart enough to know to google for a coupon code or two before I check out. The same coupon code I received in one of the 20,000 emails you sent!

I placed two orders on Black Friday. One at Vera Bradley and one at Swags Galore.  I have been coveting the new Canterberry print and discovered the FREE bag offer through my sister while eating pumpkin pie. That's an absolute fantastic deal if you like Vera!  So I gave in and ordered the bag I wanted and got a free one too!

At Swags Galore I order new curtains for my dining room. An exciting purchase, no?  It was to me because I went to about 5 stores looking for curtains and none of them had what I was looking for. They are scheduled to arrive today. So thank you for the super fast shipping, Swags Galore!

Yesterday I spent the day shopping at actual stores. Alone! Sometimes it's the only way to shop.  Gifts for my nieces and nephews have been bought. We've scrapped the adult Pollyanna this year so I only need to buy for my young SIL, my in-laws and my mom (most of which will likely be gift cards) and then I'm done!

I seriously cannot believe December has arrived.

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