December 5, 2013

The eBay Crazies

I've had an eBay account for quite some time. In fact, I'm approaching my 13th anniversary! In all that time, eBay has been a very positive experience in both buying and selling. But once in a while, you find some crazy. And last week, the crazy found me.

I only had three items for sale, two of which were items that didn't sell the first time they were listed. In all honesty, I had forgotten I had auctions ending that day so when I saw the email letting me know my item had sold, I was surprised and happy!  But right after the auction ended, this message was sent to me:

Dear XXX,

Hello. I bid on this item. I set my max bid at $5.00. It shows that I was outbid at $4.70. That is not right. Additionally, it sowed bidding ended at 8:02 PM. I was fully prepared to increase my bid if necessary. This was not a fair auction at all.

So, umm, whaaat??

I read the message 3 times and I'm still not sure what he/she was trying to say.  I checked the bidding activity and he/she was outbid at $4.50. I've been eBaying a long time, but I do not have the ability to change people's bids! Nor did I end the auction early because, A, I had forgotten I had active auctions ending that day and B, if I had, no one would have been able to win/buy the item!

So I sent back this reply:

Dear XXX,

I'm not sure what to say? I have no control over the bidding process - that is all eBay. If I had ended the auction early, no one would have been able to win the item and I would have to re list it to sell it. The auction ended when the listing time expired, which is clocked by eBay not me.

And almost immediately I received another reply:

Dear XXX,

Well, your satisfaction rating is going way down. It is obvious that you do not care based on your response. I have reported your unfair auction to Ebay. I will report to all users to be leary of doing business with you as your bids are not done fairly.

-xxx ie, the crazy!

So, again ... ummm, whaat??

I did send one more reply because I just couldn't bite my tongue:


I looked at the bidding activity on the auction and you were outbid at $4.50. I have no ability to change the maximum amount that people bid on items. So do what you must and have a fabulous day!


I should probably add that this person has a feedback score of EIGHT but has been a "member" of the eBay community for five years.  This explains it all and he/she clearly doesn't understand how eBay works!  But somehow that's my fault, I was unfair, and he/she is somehow going to harm my feedback rating!

I promptly added this person to my blocked bidders list.

I win!

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